What is HoCo?

Pfoho's House Committee (HoCo) is the student organization in Pfoho that works to ensure that students' voices are heard, and that Pfoho flourishes as a community for everyone.  If you are a member of Pfoho, you are automatically a member of HoCo.   Come to the weekly meetings at 10pm on Sundays and get involved! 

HoCo is also takes the lead on a number of House events and traditions. These include: 

  • Sophomore Re-Opening Days weekend: The House welcomes its new sophomores with four days of orientation, socializing and activities
  • Harvard-Yale Tailgate: home-made chili and drink, all day at the Game.
  • 90s Dance: A long-standing Pfoho tradition, that welcomes students across campus.
  • Housing Day video: HoCo is responsible for creating the annual housing day video. For the past three years, we have been voted first or second place each year!
  • Housing Day celebrations: Pfoho delegates welcome newly assigned freshmen to the best House on campus, complete in bear costumes, and bearing loads of swag and goodies
  • Stein Clubs and Croquet: Rotating themed parties and happy hours
  • Quadded! A celebration (with Currier and Cabot) of the best neighborhood on campus
  • Quad Spring Formal: One of the biggest dances of the year, undertaken in collaboration with Currier and Cabot

HoCo works all year to plan these and many other events, and always welcomes new suggestions!

Co-Chairs: Francisco Matos, Jr. and Cade Palmer
Treasurer: Wes Cash
Secretary: Stephen Moon
Stein Club Chairs: Kyle Bierdumpfel and Sai Shanthanand Rajagopal
Social Chairs: Fatima Mbaye and Josie Wolf     
Publicity Chairs: Patrick Barham and David Yang

Quartermaster: Connor Sakmar
Pfotographer/Videographer: Judy Pendergast
IM Sports Chairs: 
Sopfomore Reps: Malia Marks and Analli Torres
UC Reps: 

HoCo tutors: Elaine Kristant and Keith Crouch