Keith Kristant Crouch

Keith Kristant Crouch

Resident Tutor
Computer Science
HoCo Adviser, Art
Keith Crouch

Hi! I'm Keith. I’m an avid fan of storytelling in all its forms, convinced that narrative helps connect us in deep, lasting ways. I am a chocolate maker; my favorite is a 70% wild Bolivian, but I want to hear about yours! I love being surrounded by plants, but I can be a bit practical so it's likely to be tomatoes, lettuce, basil, and more. At work, I'm a lead software engineer- full stack, down to the metal if needed. Come talk to me about code, tech, and running teams.

At Pfoho, you'll find me at our developer tables, in the art studio, and supporting HoCo. At home, you'll find me with Sam the Cat, a very playful, food motivated lucky black cat. He likes new people and is available for scheduled visits. He’s always up for play, often up for cuddling, and is very accomplished at teaching the humans around him new tricks. Come find me!


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