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**This page is currently under construction. In particular, some parts of the timeline are out of date. All information communicated at the Pfoho Premed Applicant Meeting in December 2021 is up-to-date. We hope to finish revising this page by early in the Spring 2022 semester. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact the premed team at with any questions.**


In addition to reading through this page, please read through the Pre-Med PFAQs. The premed team at Pforzheimer House exists to aid and mentor Pforzheimer students and alumni who are thinking about medical school and careers in medicine, and especially those who are currently applying to medical school. Feel free to contact the resident tutors in medicine, whose bios can be found below, as well as our extensive nonresident advisor advisors for more information. General premed questions should be sent to In addition to house resources, Harvard has wonderful professional resources available at OCS: the Directors of Premedical and Health Career Advising, Oona Ceder and Emiko Morimoto. They can be reached at: There is a Pfoho PreMed email listserv; to subscribe to the email list, please contact the Pfoho Premed Tutor team at

OCS Premedical Website This should be the first place to navigate. With many years of feedback, OCS has assembled this wonderful resource for Harvard students: OCS Premed Webpage 

Advising We are lucky to have many non-resident premedical tutors who are committed to helping you navigate your way through the process of preparing for and applying to medical school. Advisor assignments will be made twice during the year - once in mid-fall, and once in mid-spring. To request an advisor, please email the Pfoho Premed team at

Application Information



APPLICANT TIMELINE (see applicant checklist for more details): 

February– Pfoho Medical School Applicants’ Meeting. Download PfohoApp andGPA Worksheet

March – Individual meetings with pre-med resident tutors for in-house interviews

April - Pfoho application and letters (other than letters from spring semester professors) are due to the house office on April 1

  • Pfoho App needs to be sent to the Academic Coordinator (
  • Please name file in the following format: [Last name]PfohoApp[year].pdf
  • Also by this date, submit the Dean's Letter Request form, MCAT score reports, and  an unofficial transcript (sent to House Office or emailed to

After your House application has been submitted, the Academic Coordinator will contact you with the link to a google sheet that will be used for further communication and record keeping.

May - Letters of Recommendation from spring semester professors are due in House Office May 1

June – Work on AMCAS including personal statement, finalize school list (submit to AMCAS by July 1)

July – Summer updates for transcripts and test scores and AMCAS Letter Request Form due 

August – Composite letter finished by committee and uploaded to AMCAS on August 15.

August-September – work on secondary applications September and beyond – interviews


If we do not receive your House application packet by May 31st we will not be able to write a committee letter for your application to medical school.  If you submit your house application packet later than April 1st, this will delay your committee letter and may put you at a disadvantage in the application process. 

Resident Tutors in Medicine

Nonresident Tutors in Medicine

Please contact Sarib Hussain for the most up-to-date list of PreMed NRTs.

Some FAQs for the PreMed Newcomer (see applicant checklist for more!):

1) What premed advising resources are available to me? a) Your assigned pre-med tutor (likely a non-resident tutor) b) Pfoho pre-med resident tutors Hanna, Sarib, Brittany, Mengting, and Amina c) Oona Cedar at OCS d) OCS website and pre- med listserv

2) What are the requirements to apply to medical school? a) A year each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and English, +/- math b) MCATs c) 4 letters of recommendation d) Committee letter written by your pre-med tutor and extensively edited within the house

3) When and how should I collect letters of recommendation? Read this description of the Pfoho Dossier Service. a) Need at least one science and one non-science letter (someone who has taught you) b) If it will be written by a TF, ask if the professor can cosign it c) Give the letter writer a waiver form (online and in the House Office) and your resume d) Ask “Can you write me a strong letter of recommendation for medical school?” e) Request letters now, not later—if you end up doing more work with the recommender, they can always update their letter

4) What is timeline for applying to medical school? a) Spring (or earlier): Take the MCAT b) April : Complete house application c) May: ensure all LORs are in d) June: AMCAS application (primary application online) e) Summer : Complete secondary applications f) Fall and early Winter : Interview at medical schools g) Late Winter and Early Spring : Receive admissions decisions h) Fall : Start medical school!

5) When should I take the MCAT? How should I study? a) At the EARLIEST, as soon as you have finished all your coursework b) At the LATEST, very early summer the year you are applying c) Take a course or study on your own, just do as many practice tests as you can!

6) What makes a “good” applicant? a) IMPORTANT: No matter what anyone says, there is no one answer to this question, or one thing you “must” have on your resume to apply b) Your concentration DOES NOT MATTER—do what you love c) Three compontents to a balanced application: i) Show you can think independently (i.e. research) ii) Show you care about people (i.e. community service) iii) Show you have some understanding of what a career in medicine is all about (i.e. clinical experience)