Pforzheimer House wants you to have a fun college experience, and also to be safe. You should always feel free to call on-call tutors and /or HUPD if you have any questions or concerns. Also remember that we are a community of people living in close-quarters, so we must work together and respect each other. Please also take the time to familiarize yourself with the Pfoho Community Standards and Residential Policies.


Pfoho Tutor-On-Call 617-651-1636

Harvard Police (HUPD) 617-495-1212 ● HUHS Urgent Care 617-495-5711

Operations/Facilities After-Hours 617-495-5560 (for maintenance emergencies)


Read on for information about:

Party Basics

Students are expected to register parties in which 15 or more guests will be present. ALL parties must be registered. People who host unregistered parties or who violate other party rules are subject to disciplinary actions, including losing the right to host parties.

You can host parties in your suite or in the Igloo. The Igloo has a different registration process from other parties; see below for more information. 

Party Dates/Times

Parties can ordinarily only be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays of long weekends. Parties are not allowed on nights before the LSAT, during reading and exam periods, or over holidays, including Thanksgiving and spring break. These dates are shown in the Google calendar on this page.

Parties must end by 2:00 a.m. Weeknight parties, if permitted, may be held until 11:00 PM. Hosts should begin shutting down parties no later than 1:45 am. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that guests exit the party and House quietly by 2:00 a.m.

Party Rules/Regs (all parties)

  • The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. It is a violation of Massachusetts law for anyone under 21 years of age to possess alcohol and for anyone of legal drinking age to provide alcohol to someone under 21 years of age. Violators will be subject to College sanctions and state law.
  • Disciplinary action will not be taken against those who seek or receive medical help related to alcohol consumption; the violation of other College rules (for example: damage to property) will be taken into account, however. Read the College Alcohol and Help-Seeking Policies here.
  • Hosts are responsible for monitoring the conduct of their guests. Party hosts are responsible for guests and for their behavior, including physical damage to the room and the surrounding areas. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that underage guests are not served alcohol and that those guests who are drinking are doing so safely.
  • Activities that promote high-risk drinking, such as excessive and/or rapid consumption of alcohol, particularly of a competitive nature (i.e. drinking games), are not permitted. It is expected that hosts will plan parties where drinking is not the central activity.
  • The number of guests at parties is limited to the capacity of the room or suite.
  • Parties must be contained within the suite/room and must not overflow into the hallway. Suite doors may not be propped open.
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at any party at which alcohol is served.
  • Hosts are responsible for cleaning the floors and walls and fixtures, if necessary, and collecting and removing all trash, especially in public areas such as hallways, stairwells, elevators and bathrooms. Any damage should be reported to the Building Manager.
  • Hosts are responsible for recycling cans, bottles, and paper products. This is a Cambridge City law.
  • Hosts and guests must follow all guidelines detailed on the Enviornmental Health & Safety website here.

Additional Igloo Polices

  • Reservations for the Igloo can only be made by Pfoho residents, and will work on a first come first served basis, but preference will be given to students who have not been able to use the room before. On weekend evenings (Friday-Saturday or Sunday on holiday weekends) preference will ordinarily be given to party reservations (as opposed to movie screenings, meetings, etc.). Each student or student group will be allowed to book the Igloo no more than twice per semester on weekends.
  • There must be at least two Pfoho hosts for every event. Hosts are responsible for being present during the event and supervising cleanup at the end. Only Pfoho students can reserve the Igloo for parties, but if you live in Pfoho you may reserve the room on behalf of your club or team (up to twice per semester).
  • If alcohol is being served, at least one of the Pfoho hosts must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Events that are advertised outside of Harvard, charge admission, or are sponsored/co-sponsored by external or unrecognized student organizations are not permitted.
  • Maximum capacity for the Igloo 100 people. Hosts are responsible for keeping their event within the limit, and if a Tutor-On-Call is concerned about over-crowding, then the event may be shut down.
  • The door to the Igloo will be unlocked one hour prior to the reservation. The room will be locked again one hour after the reservation has ended. If hosts need access outside of those hours, they will need to ask the security guard to open the room.

Registering a Party

In-Suite Parties

  1. Fill out the In-Suite Party Form (also available in the House office).
    1. Make sure you have read over the rules/regs pertaining to hosting parties. By signing the form you are indicating that you are responsible for guests and for their behavior, including physical damage to the room and the surrounding areas.
  2. Meet with the Tutor-on-Call for the week of the event.
    1. Student host(s) are required to meet with the Tutor-on-Call prior to any private event to discuss planning and review safety and security responsibilities. The Tutor On-Call schedule is posted on your floor and in the House Office, as well as on the calendar to the right.
  3. Submit the form in person to the Office of the ABRD (Academic Coordinator or Resident Dean) by 5pm on Thursday. Hosts must meet with the Academic Coordinator or Resident Dean for final party approval.
    1. Feel free to email the Academic Coordinator ( to set up an appointment.

Igloo Parties

  1. Check availability on the calendar to the right, and then email Heather ( to confirm availability. Once the event is approved by the Office of the ABRD (Academic Coordinator or Resident Dean) your reservation will be confirmed.
  2. You will next need to meet with the Tutor-On-Call and the Office of the ABRD to go over COVID, alcohol, and help-seeking policies and the responsibilities of the hosts.
  3. Fill out the Igloo Reservation Form (also available outside the Academic Coordinator’s office).
    1. Make sure you have read over the rules/regs pertaining to hosting parties. By signing the form you are indicating that you are responsible for guests and for their behavior, including physical damage to the room and the surrounding areas.
  4. Submit the form (and if the event is on a weekend, the appropriate deposit) in person to the Office of the ABRD (Academic Coordinator or Resident Dean) by 5pm on Thursday. Hosts must meet with the Academic Coordinator or Resident Dean for final party approval.
    1. Parties of 0-49 people = $100 deposit 
    2. Parties of 50-100 people = $200 deposit
    3. Deposits may be made in cash or check made out to Pforzheimer House
    4. Feel free to email the Academic Coordinator ( to set up an appointment.
  5. Hosts must have completed the above reservation process by 5pm on Thursday of the party weekend to be registered.
  6. After Your Event is Over
    1. A cleaning checklist is provided on the second page of the packet, which will help you ensure that you are leaving the room in the same condition in which you found it. Staff will check the room the day after the event.
    2. Pending confirmation from the Building Manager, your deposit will be returned to you. If the space has not been cleaned or if there is any damage to the Igloo you will need to meet with the ABRD and the Building Manager. This may result in loss of deposit, additional term-billed fees, and/or disciplinary action.

Additional Tips for Being a Good Host

  • Notify dorm neighbors (around, above and below) about a party and provide a phone number they can call before filing a complaint with HUPD.
  • Encourage your guests who are of age to drink responsibly. When consumed irresponsibly, alcohol poses a serious health and safety risk.
  • Ensure your guests get home safely. Call a cab or Harvard University Shuttle at 617-495-0400, if necessary.
  • Anticipate “crashing” by outsiders attracted by music or word of mouth. Ask friends to be ready to assist you in asking uninvited and unwanted guests to leave. And if you experience overcrowding, don’t forget that the Tutors are ready to help.
  • Ensure that your party is environmentally friendly.

Tips to Minimize High-Risk Behavior at Your Party

  • Having a dance party? Be sure to provide lots of drinks like water, juice and PowerAde to stay hydrated on the dance floor (non-alcoholic punches are swanky – try mixing cranberry juice, orange juice and ginger ale.
  • Food runs out fast at parties…be sure to stock up. If you’re on a budget, everyone always loves chips and salsa, and it’s cheap!
  • If you are concerned that someone has had too much to drink, please remember Harvard’s help-seeking policy and take action (for example, offer them water, contact the Tutor-on-Call, or take the person to UHS, call HUPD).

Tips for Looking After Yourself and Your Friends at a Party

  • If you choose to drink, know what’s in your drink and how strong it is.
  • Whatever you are drinking, drink it slowly. Avoiding an empty glass means that your drink won’t be refilled by someone else.
  • Watch for signs of alcohol poisoning—confusion, vomiting, seizures, slow or irregular breathing, and hypothermia—and remember the help-seeking policy—get help.
  • Don’t leave a friend behind. Arrive together and leave together.
  • You may wish to make up code words or hand motions to communicate discreetly with your friends. These can be used to make it clear that you need to leave now or that you need to be saved from unwanted advances.

Tips to Minimize the Environmental Impact of your Party

  • Recycle all cans and bottles (i.e. plastic, aluminum, and glass) and SOLO cups.
  • Remember to empty all containers and leave the caps off (but still recycle the caps).
  • Encourage attendees to bring their own cup or mug. Alternatively, try to have people just use one cup, and have a marker so people can label their cups.
  • Strategically place bins or bags for collection. It usually helps to have trash and recycling next to each other, but clearly labeled (even with samples of what goes in) to avoid communication and save you time sorting later.
  • Look for recycled content plates, napkins, and cups. When possible, buy local.
  • Buy items in bulk rather than individually wrapped.
  • Serve finger food - pre-sliced fruit, cake, etc. so people can just grab and go without needing plates/knives etc.