Academic and Student Life Resources

  • The Harvard College Student Handbook 
    • This online handbook spells out all the rules, regulations, and expectations of Harvard College. It will tell you about degree requirements, Ad Board votes, and more—it also has a list of all available resources for students of the College.
  • Dean of Students Office (formerly OSL)
    • The DSO supports residential life at Harvard and your experiences outside of the classroom. They have a great new website with a useful calendar of events.
  • Academic Resource Center (ARC)
    • Through the ARC, students will have access to academic coaching, peer tutoring, workshops, study spaces, and other skills-based resources. They will be supported in developing reading strategies, organization and time management skills, sustainable study habits, metacognitive approaches to learning, and more.
    University Chaplains
  • The Writing Center
    • This office offers free help for undergraduates working on any stage of the paper writing process. You can either schedule an hour-long conference or come in during drop-in hours.
  • The Math Question Center
    • A space to get help for Math 1a, 1b, 21a, and 21b. The center is staffed by undergrad course assistants and graduate students.
  • Office of Career Services (OCS)
    • The OCS can help you plan for your career, whether that means connecting you with a first job or helping with graduate school applications.
  • Harvard Library System
    • Don’t forget to reach out to librarians for help as your begin to research and write papers!