Peer Concentration Advisers

Organized by HoCo and the Sophomore Advising Coordinator, Pfoho Peer Concentration Advisers are upperclassmen who have volunteered to be resources for sopfomores in the House. Upperclassmen Peer Concentration Advisers are standing by to help answer questions about concentrations from a peer-to-peer prospective. For example, Peer Concentration Advisers can give you their perspective about the atmosphere of a particular department, point you to especially helpful faculty and administrators, share their experiences with you more generally and serve as a sounding board for any hesitations that you would like to talk through. Please note, Peer Concentration Advisers can provide a peer perspective but do not replace your concentration adviser or your sophomore adviser -- both of whom are best positioned to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, official information about technical and process questions.

2016-17 Peer Concentration Advisers

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Applied Math: Matthew Aguirre
Astrophysics: Jeremy Dietrich, Barra Peak
Chemical and Physical Biology: Brittany Petros
Chemistry: Maria Brouard, Kristina Linko
Chemistry and Physics: Elaine Riechert, Alexander Su
Classics: Greg Scalise
Comparative Religion: Amalee Beattie
Computer Science: Gabreil Grand, Jason Stein, Wendy Woodin, Neel Mehta, Shai Szulanski, Christina Tenuta, Maxwell Levenson
Earth and Planetary Sciences: Hannah Byrne, Barra Peak
Economics: Haruka Uchida, Hanel Baveja, Eni Dervisho, Angela Yang, Kristen Shim
English: Nathan Siegelaub, Miriam Huettner
Environmental Science and Public Policy: Remi Gosselin, Dominic Glover
Government: Jacob Mayes, Caroline Tervo
History: Nathan Bernstein
History and Literature: Mo Kim
History of Art and Architecture: Lieb Celnik, Lexi Del Toro, Sylvie Rubin-Budick
History of Science: Lieb Celnik
Human Regenerative and Developmental Biology: Dawn Truong, Christopher Li
Human Evolutionary Biology: Hailey Reneau
Integrative Biology/ Organismic and Evolutionary Biology: Lorena Benitez, Rachel Chapman
Mathematics: Sahana Vasudevan, Hans Gaebler
Molecular and Cellular Biology: Jason Li, Muhammed Ors
Neurobiology: Kariss Alcorn, Maddie Snyder
Philosophy: Fanele Mashwama, Marco Torres, Thomas Westbrook, Greg Scalise
Psychology: Terry Lee
Social Studies: Kelly McGee, John Bowers
Visual and Environmental Studies: Branson Laszlo, Luke Driscoll
Women and Gender Studies: Gaby Germanos