The Pfoho Support Team

*Please reach out to any member of the House team with any concern, but here is a list of people
ready to help if you don’t know where to start.*


House life in general: suggestions, questions, or concerns
Anne Harrington and John Durant, Faculty Deans -,

Any personal OR academic problems, including any concerns at all about your wellbeing
Monique Roy, Allston Burr Resident Dean -
Elaine Kristant, Senior Tutor -
• Your sophomore adviser, floor tutor, or any other member of the tutor team with whom you feel comfortable.

Academic procedures/deadlines
• Academic Coordinator -
  Also, consult this useful reference:

Sophomore advising concerns/anything to do with life as a sophomore
Monique Roy, Sophomore Advising Coordinator -

Maintenance issues in your room/facilities issues/mail questions
Mario Leon, Building Manager -

Housing related questions/any administrative questions related to house life
Alison Welch, House Administrator -

Problems after-hours
Tutor-On-Call (rotates): just call 617-651-1636

Lockouts (if no one is in the Building Manager's Office)
Securitas: 617-496-9370

IN ADDITION: We have resident tutors on staff who specialize in working with students on fellowship opportunities; pre-med advising; pre-law advising; pre-business advising; and writing and public speaking. We also have specialty tutor teams concerned with race relations, BGLTQ support, first-generation concerns, and sexual assault concerns (the CARE team).
Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our pfabulous team:

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: There is always someone available to help!
Pfoho Tutor-On-Call (TOC, nights and weekends): 617-651-1636
Operations (maintenance emergencies, after hours and weekends): 617-495-5560
HUHS Urgent Care (24-hour Urgent Care Phoneline): 617-495-5711
Office of Gender Equity (sexual assault/harassment confidential hotline, 24hrs): 617-495-9100
HUPD (life-threatening emergencies, 24hrs): 617-495-1212

And remember these resources, too:
College-wide Academic and Student-Life Resources:
College-wide Health and Safety Resources:
College-wide Advising and Resources website: