Mengting Qiu

Mengting Qiu

Resident Tutor
Pre-Med, French, Life Sciences, Romance Languages and Literatures
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Hi Pfoho! I am a second-year tutor and I'm excited to finally meet many of you in person. I am from Toronto, and came to Harvard College for undergrad. My blocking group won the Housing lottery, and I was lucky to join the Pfoho Pfamily! In college, I joint concentrated in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Romance Languages & Literatures (French); I always love talking about joint concentrations and combining seemingly incompatible interests. Outside of academics, I was most involved in basic science research (mostly molecular biology and immunology), the Bach Society Orchestra as a violinist, and the Badminton Club.

Now, I am an aspiring pediatrician attending medical school at HMS, and this year, I am taking a research year between my third and final years of medical school. I am super excited to meet those of you who are interested in medicine or other health professions!

Don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m always happy to chat about anything on your mind. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting to learn from you!

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