Mengting Qiu

Mengting Qiu

Resident Tutor
Pre-Med, French, Life Sciences, Romance Languages and Literatures
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Hello Pfohosers! This is my first year as a Resident Tutor at Pfoho, and I am so excited to meet you (virtually and/or in person). I grew up in Canada and came to Harvard College for undergrad, and was lucky to join the Pfoho Pfamily after my blocking group won the housing lottery(!!). During college, I joint concentrated in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Romance Languages & Literatures (French). Outside of academics, I was most involved in basic science research (mostly molecular biology and immunology) and the Bach Society Orchestra as a violinist.

I am currently a third-year M.D. student at Harvard Medical School, and am very excited to be joining the Pre-Med Committee at Pfoho! (To anyone interested in medicine - please reach out, even if you are not certain about pursuing medicine as a career. While we are certainly involved in the application process, we also would love to chat about whether or not medicine is the career you wish to pursue.)

Besides being a Pre-Med tutor, I am also hoping to help organize some language “tables” -- which could take a variety of forms this year (please contact me if you have ideas!) -- and wellness events. Don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m always happy to chat about anything on your mind. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting to learn from you!

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