Housing Day Videos

2014, Pfrozen

A Parody of Disney's "Frozen," Featuring Juliet Bailin

2013, Pfo Ho

Pfo! Ho!

2013, Harlem Shake vpf

Housing Day 2013

2013, So Harvard Made PfoHo

And saw that it was good. 

2013, Polar Bears Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like People

2012, Quad Me Maybe

I love you Pfoho. 

2012, The Jackson pFive - PFO

Your new pfavorite song! 

2012, Sh*t River People Say

Our first video for Housing Day 2012. 

2011, Pforget You

Our second music video for Housing Day 2011. This one features the vocals of Sasha Rohret ('12), with Emily Hecht ('11) on backup and Konrad Binienda ('11) on Piano. 

2011, Quad Can't Handle Me

One of two music videos prepared for Housing Day 2011. Featuring the Rhymes of Antonio Sweet ('13) and the vocals of Emily Hecht ('11) and Dan Masterson ('11). 

2011, Pfabuloso

Living in Pfoho makes everything more... intriguing. 

2011, The Most Influential Man in the World

Pfoho House Master Nicholas Christakis is the Most Influential Man in the World. 

2011, All The Movies

They took some videos for 2011... We took all the videos for 2012. 

2011, Pfoho is too Damn Fly

Footage from Pfhousing Day Debate 2011. 

2010, Hitler Gets his Housing Assignment

Meme on the famous Hitler finds out video, created by PfoHomies Rob Cross ('11), Ryan Schell ('11), Chelsea Link ('12), Alec Kunkel ('12), and Brandon Geller (House Elf). 

2010, Housing Day

Footage from Housing Day 2010. 

2010, Official Housing Day Video

Feat Lev Shaket (PfoHo, c/o 2010) and Emily Hecht (PfoHo, c/o 2011); Housing Day 2010 "PfoHo State of Mind" Video.
"Watching this video again makes me really proud of the joint effort Pfoho students made to present our House spirit to the College. I had a fantastic time working with everyone involved. Special props to Emily. To the current and incoming Pfohosers: I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us alums." --Lev Shaket
"It's impossible to even begin to express the full glory of Pfoho, but I had a great time trying! All my love to everyone who made this happen, and props right back to Lev. Bring on next year, we'll be ready..." --Emily Hecht