Urban Excursions

Join tutors, pfaculty deans and pfriends on excursions designed to expose you to the best of urban Cambridge, Boston and beyond! A highlight of our Urban Excursions program is the spring weekend jaunt to New York City, but we offer plenty of fun and cultural enrichment closer to home as well. Excursions that have happened in the past (and may come up again!) include:

  • New York City spring weekend jaunt
  • A night at the Boston Lyric Opera 
  • Various theater evenings
  • African Meeting House and Black Heritage trail tour (historic Boston) 
  • Freedom trail tour (historic Boston)
  • MIT Museum special evening events 
  • Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit to the Isabella Gardner Museum
  • Excursion to Plimouth Plantation
  • Trips to Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville

group of Pfoho students a Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville A group of pfoho students figure skating