Pfoho Seasonal Traditions

Pfoho punctuates the academic year with a number of its own quirky annual traditions. Some of these include:

  • a "haunted house" in the Dining Hall on Halloween;
  • a chili cook-off leading up to the Harvard-Yale football game;
  • our ever-popular campus-wide Nineties Dance, organized by HoCo;
  • our Mardi Gras/Carnival multi-ethnic dinner with live music and dancing from the Caribbean, New Orleans and Brazil;
  • an annual celebration of International Polar Bear Day (in which, among other things, we "adopt" a real polar bear in the wild);
  • our wildly popular Pforzheimer Middle School talent show, featuring ...all of you!
  • Quadded, a quad-wide party held the weekend before Housing Day, featuring an ice bar, ice mascot sculptures, great food, fire pits and live music.
  • laser tag night in the Dining Hall (where teams "battle for the bear")
  • bubble soccer on the Quad lawn

Think that's not enough? Have an idea for a possible new tradition? Let us know!