Julia Patten

Julia Patten

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Julia Patten
I am is so excited to be a Pfoho House Pfellow! I live on Faculty Row with my wife, Monique Roy, Pfoho's Allston Burr Resident Dean. I am an Architectural Designer and Project Manager working in Allston, MA at Abacus Architects + Planners, where I work on a wide range of public projects, from library renovations and accessibility improvements, to community center planning studies. I earned my Master's Degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology where I focused my studies on Installation Architecture (essentially, whimsical architecture that people can play with).  

Outside of work I strive to bring whimsy and creativity to every other aspect of my life. I generally focus my constant projects and energy in three directions: crafting / building, cooking, and spatial design and organizing (by way of problem solving, which often leads back to building something...). I am nearly always in the midst of learning and / or trying to make and do new things. I also enjoy being physically active and my favorite outside activities include hiking, bicycling, ice skating, and snowshoeing.  

Over the course of the year I love hosting students to participate in cooking events such as grape jam making and canning, and homemade pasta making. If you have an idea about another cooking type of event please let me know! : ) I would also be very excited to chat or brainstorm with anyone who is looking for design, organizing, crafting, and cooking advice and / or help! 

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