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Dear Pfoho Students,

We are excited to inform you that Pfoho has been given the green light to get brand new and very comfortable common room furniture for our student suites with open common rooms. These will include coffee table, sofas and/or loveseats and easy chairs depending on the size of the room. The new furniture will be installed this summer while Pfoho is closed for maintenance needs. We hope that these new additions will relieve you of the need to purchase and move heavy furniture items.

This new furniture will contribute to our need to make a change to our current student furniture storage policy. Like a number of other Houses, Pfoho will be phasing out student furniture storage over the next two summers. This change will also be affected by the upgrades we will be making to our Cardio Room, which will eliminate it as an option for summer storage moving forward. Keep in mind: we WILL continue to be able to store boxes, suitcases, plastic storage containers, and mini fridges. Please see below for how this new policy will be implemented over the next two summer terms.

Summer 2018:

· Furniture storage will be available but limited, and granted on a first come, first served basis. Please see the attached document on storage dates and times so you can plan accordingly.

· There will no longer be senior sale storage offered by Pfoho. Underclassmen wishing to purchase items from seniors should ensure they are either able to store them before storage period ends or make an alternative arrangement.

Summer 2019:

· We will no longer be able to accommodate student furniture storage over the summer term. You may wish to look into off-site storage options, including but not limited to:

I hope that this notification will allow you time to plan accordingly with furniture you may have or may have been planning for next fall.

If you have any questions about our new storage policy, or new common room furniture, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!


Mario Leon

Building Manager

Pforzheimer House - Harvard University

56 Linnaean Street

Cambridge, Ma 02138

Tel: (617) 495-8621




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