Stacy Blondin

Stacy Blondin

Resident Tutor
Public Health and Nutrition
Wellness, HoCo Adviser, Garden, IMs
Stacy Blondin

Hi Pfoho! I’m looking forward to my fourth year in the House as your HoCo and Wellness Tutor! I’ll be managing the House garden and IM aquatics (swim lessons and IM crew) as well. I generally love talking with students about any personal or academic questions/concerns or anything else that might be on your mind! I graduated from Harvard way back in 2007 (Psych concentrator) and then spent several years in public service before returning to school. I finished my PhD at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy last spring and started as a postdoc at the School of Public Health in June. My research interests are in the nutrition, economic, social, and environmental impact of dietary patterns and behavior. I’m originally from Northern Michigan, where I developed a love for nature and spending time outdoors. I generally enjoy being active (swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking, doing yoga, etc.), reading, and cooking/baking. As an undergrad, some of my favorite activities included leading FOP, varsity swimming, intramural crew, REP, and hanging out in the dining hall. I can’t wait to reconnect with returning students and get to know the new sophomores this year!

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