Stacy Blondin

Stacy Blondin

Resident Tutor, Senior Resident Tutor
Public Health and Nutrition
Fellowships, HoCo Adviser
Stacy Blondin

Hi Everyone! This is my third year as a tutor in the Pfoho, and I’m looking forward to filling in as senior tutor while Deji is away. I’m here and happy to help with any personal or academic questions/concerns you have and/or to talk anything else that’s on your mind! I’ll be this year’s HoCo tutor, as well, and encourage everyone to come to (at least one) of our weekly meetings -- it’s a great way to get involved in the House and meet new pfriends all at the same time, and all are welcome! You will also find me in the House garden, on the rooftop (with the bees), or in the kitchen, and would love your company, so come join in the cultivating and culinary pfun! If you can’t find me around the House, there’s a good chance I’m exploring the New England wilderness on a House Pforay outing and hope you decide to join us! In case you’d like to know more about my background: I graduated from Harvard way back in 2007 (Psych concentrator and citation in Spanish) and then I spent several years in public service before returning to school (never too cool!). I finished my master’s degree in Nutrition at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2012 and am now a fifth-year PhD student at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. My research interests are in the nutrition, economic, social, and environmental impact of dietary patterns and behavior. My dissertation is on food waste and plant-based meals in the National School Meal programs, with the goal of informing policies that promote long-term health and food system sustainability. I’m originally from Northern Michigan, where I developed a love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. In my free time I enjoy being active (swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking, doing yoga, etc.), reading, and cooking/baking. As an undergrad, some of my favorite activities included leading FOP, varsity swimming, intramural crew, REP, and hanging out in the dining hall. I can’t wait to reconnect with returning students and get to know the new sophomores this year!

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