Simona Nedelcu

Simona Nedelcu

Resident Tutor
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Medicine

Hi there, I am Simona! I am very excited to be back in Pfoho and to get to meet all of you! I am originally from Romania, I was an undergrad in biology at Caltech. Afterwards I obtained my PhD in cancer biology from MIT and then I went to UMASS Medical School. The brain fascinates me, so I am very excited to pursue a career in neurology and further explore my interest in stroke and interventional neurology. If you want to talk about medicine or research in biological sciences please stop by Comstock 10. I will also be a premed advisor in the house, so I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about applying to medical school. Daniel and I have 2 children Fabi (4yo) and Lexi (2.5yo) who are eager to play with you, and who really love riding their scooter around Pfoho!

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