Bolaji Ogunsola

Bolaji Ogunsola

Resident Tutor
Divinity, Sociology
Studio Art, Race Relations, SASH/CARE
Bolaji Ogunsola

What’s up, Pfoho?! I am Bolaji Ogunsola, a Nigerian-American woman born AND raised in Baltimore, MD. I graduated from the college with an AB in Sociology in 2010, and just recently graduated in May 2014 with a Master of Divinity from the Divinity School where I studied Christianity and Islam and religion and Social Change. Here in Pfoho, I am one of the Race Relations and SASH Tutors. I served for 5 years as the campus minister for Soulfood Christian Fellowship here at the College. I have a passion for Christ and social justice. In the future, I intend to serve children who are affected by the foster-care system and to defend children who have been victimized by sexual abuse or sex trafficking. I’ve lived in Cuba, Nigeria, and Brazil so I am Baltimore style with Nigerian flair accompanied by Cuban and Brazilian rhythms. I speak and hope to one day be completely fluent in Yoruba, Spanish, and Portuguese. After that, I hope for the opportunity to pursue more languages because I believe that people should be able to receive ministry in their heart language. In my free time, I enjoy painting furniture and will shamelessly invite you to check out my work at I believe in asking questions upon questions upon questions for it is in wrestling with the answers to these questions that we reach a deeper level of understanding, and if love seeks understanding, then ask questions we must. So I hope to be able to share life with many of you all speaking about everything from theology, music, food, or whatever else you may want to talk about!

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