Olumurejiwa Fatunde

Olumurejiwa Fatunde

Resident Tutor
CARE, Pfellowships, First-Generation College Student Support
Mureji Fatunde


Hello all-I am a third-year tutor in Pfoho, as well as a PhD student at MIT. Before enrolling at MIT, I worked for a few years in consulting and research roles in Nigeria. I graduated from Harvard College in 2012 and received an MSc from the London School of Economics in 2013.

In Pfoho, I will be a member of the fellowships team. I’m eager to help students think creatively about opportunities to study and work internationally during and after their undergraduate years, so please reach out if this interests you. I’m also a lover of languages, literature, and music from all over the world. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you all!


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