Kiran Gajwani

Kiran Gajwani

Non-Res Tutor
Economics (department adviser)
Kiran Gajwani
Hi Pfoho!  I am a Lecturer/Advisor in the Economics Department and have been the Econ Concentration Advisor for Pfoho since 2010-11 (except I was on leave 2016-17 and missed you all!).  I also teach two classes in the Econ Department.

My specialty in economics is on developing countries, and I've done research on government structure, public goods provision, organizations of the poor, women in developing countries, and the short- and long-term impacts of development interventions.  I also like lots of other things like traveling, photography, people, and nature.  I love being an academic advisor, so please always feel free to let me know if you want to chat or have any questions.  I have lots of office hours in the Econ Department, but I also try to hang out in Pfoho whenever I can.  I look forward to another great year on the Quad!

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