Joey Goodknight

Joey Goodknight

Resident Tutor, Non-Resident Tutor Coordinator
Chemistry, Physics
Joey Goodknight

I am beyond excited to be stating my third year as your tutor in chemistry, physics and drama, conveniently located in-house! One might even say I am a tutor who is resident... How did I end up residing in pfoho? From my ancestral home off of a dirt road in a rural part of California (yes, that is a thing), your intrepid science tutor moved on to UC Berkeley and studied chemistry and physics. I then decided to leave the perfect weather of the west coast and head to Boston for a PhD in Chemical Physics at Harvard. My research is computational work into experimental design: we want to learn about how molecules transfer energy amongst themselves. When not coding or running simulations, I sing with the University Choir and the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players or attempt to be an artistic photographer. Come talk to me about performing, photography or science! You can find me in the dining hall or on the third floor of Wolbach: come say hello!

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