Jim Beck

Jim Beck

Non-Res Tutor
Jim Beck

Greetings Pfoho. I have been a non-res pre med tutor since 2005, and I continue because I love being a part of the House. I am without doubt your oldest tutor. My principal contribution to Pfoho may be to demonstrate that a person as old as I am is still walking and talking, and usually making sense.

I am trained as a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and my current professional work is primarily providing support to severely ill (often dying) patients and their families at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital here in Cambridge. This is a potential shadowing opportunity for interested pre-meds. I have a broad range of professional experience with very sick patients, public health issues in psychiatry, forensic issues including risk assessment and violence and ethics. Really, I’m just interested in people.

My partner Elisabeth Hopkins is an SCR member with broad experience in early childhood education. Both of us are in the dining hall because we enjoy meeting and talking with undergraduates and we hope you will not be put off by how old we are, but will join us. Think of it as a multigenerational social experiment. Elisabeth can talk with you in Swedish, French or German if English is too boring.

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