Jennifer Doody

Jennifer Doody

Pfaculty Deans' Aide, Non-Res Tutor
Senior Thesis Support, Public Speaking/Pfoho Repflections

I'm delighted to join Pfoho as a Master's Aide/House Elf this year, and begin my fourth year as a non-res (but now live-in) writing tutor!

I'm fortunate to wear a lot of different Pfoho hats. As a writing tutor, I'm excited to continue programming I've developed for Pfoho residents, such as the Senior Thesis Writing Workshop (beginning this Fall - send me an email at for more details!) and one-on-one public speaking sessions. Joining Abby Rahn as a Master's Aide this year, I'm returning to my baking roots, having first worked as a baker in a French boulangerie and then as a dessert baker in an Italian restaurant. (If you have a question about petit pains, cheesecakes, or chocolate pate, just let me know.)

In addition, I'm currently writing my own Harvard thesis for my master's in English, focusing on Shakespeare's heroines, and I teach a class on speechwriting/public speaking during the Wintersession. In my spare time, I'm a news correspondent for the Harvard Gazette, Harvard Art Museums, and the Extension School. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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