Jamie Ciocco

Jamie Ciocco

Non-Res Tutor
Computer Science, Drama
Jamie Ciocco

Ah, the Pforzheimer Dining Hall stage. The culmination of my happy undergraduate years in this House came when I stepped up on that stage and performed a ridiculous musical I wrote while procrastinating on my English thesis. 

When I defected for a time to become Drama Tutor at Adams House, I was the chief composer/lyricist for the musical theatre competition in the Great Adams/Pfoho War; I returned to the Pfoho Dining Hall stage for the only competition in the war that Adams House actually won. Since Pfoho pulled me out of retirement, Adams House's greatest weapon now belongs to us. 

Now, each year, I return to this stage to co-host the Carl & Carol Pforzheimer Middle School Talent Show. I play Mr. Ciocco, the cranky math teacher; Kate plays Ms. Harrington, the supportive English teacher; and Pfoho students play the awkward, angsty, and/or sullen middle school performers. 

Outside of my time at Harvard, I started an interactive software company (Trendy.com), created a series of odd but entertaining videos on cooking (SlowCookery.com) and produced videos on Chinese language learning for the Two Chinese Characters. If you want to put on a show, start a tech business, or avoid living a normal life, talk to me.

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