Jamie Ciocco

Jamie Ciocco

Non-Res Tutor
Computer Science, Drama
Jamie Ciocco

The culmination of my happy undergraduate years in this House came when I stepped up on the dining hall stage and performed in a ridiculous musical I wrote while procrastinating on my English thesis. 

When I defected for a time to become Drama Tutor at Adams House, I was the chief composer/lyricist for the musical theatre competition in the Great Adams/Pfoho War; I returned to the Pfoho Dining Hall stage for the only competition in the war that Adams House actually won.

Since Pfoho pulled me out of retirement to become a resident tutor here in 2011, Adams House's greatest weapon now belongs to us.

Outside of my time at Harvard, I started an interactive software company (Trendy.com), created a series of odd but entertaining videos on cooking (SlowCookery.com) and produced videos on Chinese language learning for the Two Chinese Characters. If you want to put on a show, start a tech business, or avoid living a normal life, talk to me.

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