Fanele Mashwama

Fanele Mashwama

Non-Res Tutor
Pfoho Repfections, Public Speaking
Fanele Mashwama

Hi Pfoho! I graduated from Harvard in 2017 with an undergrad in philosophy and economics. I lived in Pfoho so am thrilled to be re-joining the best house as a non-resident tutor.

I debated competitively for the college in undergrad so will be joining the house to help with Pfoho’s internal public speaking efforts. I’ll also sneak into IM squash and football games :)

I’m on a pre-doctoral fellowship out of the Harvard economics department. I help two professors on research in finance and development. If you have an interest in either of those fields, I’m keen to be as helpful as I can. I studied moral and political philosophy so I can (hopefully) have reasonably competent conversations about that academic space as well.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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