Elaine Chung

Elaine Chung

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Elaine Chung

G'day Pfoho! I might have left the land of wallabies and quokkas far behind, but I'm very excited to meet you! A little about myself: I was born in Hong Kong, but then moved with my family to Sydney. After graduating in economics and law (and interning at many law firms and economic consultancies along the way), I decided to commit to public policy as a full-time economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. But after a few years, I decided to give up warm winters and beautiful beaches to pursue a PhD in economics at Harvard. In my spare time, I enjoyed calligraphy painting and playing the piano. And as a good Aussie, I love the outdoors, whether hiking or viewing wildlife. If you have any questions - why economics, what public policy careers look like, how to wrestle crocs - or you just wanted to chat with someone, feel free to reach out!

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