Dylan Nelson

Dylan Nelson

Resident Tutor
History, Religion, Ecology
BLGTQ Support, Writing, REST
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Hello! I am so excited to be joining the Pfoho community this year! I grew up northwest of Chicago and did my undergrad at Michigan, where I studied history, ecology/evolutionary biology, and Native American Studies. Before grad school, I worked as an elderly caregiver, taught at a continuation high school, and worked at an LGBTQ community center. I am entering my third year in the American Studies doctoral program. My research is principally focused on religion, ecology, and education in the settler colonial history of the American Midwest.

As a student and research assistant, I have been incredibly fortunate to have learning experiences that involved things like extensive instruction in the natural world, collaborative research projects, and group meditation. I am committed to making similar experiences as available as possible to students. I look forward to engaging New England's public history and conservation areas with you all, as well as all the other things we may think up together.

I enthusiastically welcome conversations with you all, from the most obscure curiosities to important career decisions. While my academic trajectory has tended towards the social sciences and humanities, there is still a scientist in me that hungers to discuss neurotransmitters and cosmic background radiation (though I'm surely rusty). For all things that encourage emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth, including rest and laughter, my door is open.

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