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David Mou

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David Mou

Hi everyone! I hail from Cincinnati, Ohio, where I attended the Seven Hills School. I graduated from Harvard College as a
 neurobiology major, and as a proud quadling. During college, I spent a good deal of time in lab (including a summer of research in Tokyo). I spent the following year continuing my neuroscience research in Paris on a fellowship. I then completed a joint MD MBA degree at Harvard, and I am currently a third year psychiatry resident at MGH and McLean Hospital. I am proud to be here with my wife Sara, who is also a premed tutor. I've worked at a biotech venture capital firm and founded some startups. Currently, I'm working on a mental health startup that predicts when mentally ill patients aren't doing well based on their smartphone usage patterns. I am interested in psychiatry, health care policy and medical ethics. Apart from 'work', I enjoy classical music, ultimate frisbee, and conversations on any and every topic. If you have questions about premed, med school life, research, entrepreneurship, taking time off, and/or traveling, let's get in touch!

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