Brigitte Libby

Brigitte Libby

Allston Burr Assistant Dean of Harvard College, Pforzheimer House
Brigitte Libby

I’m so happy to be spending my third year in Pfoho-- I can’t wait to meet you all, hear all of your stories, and help you to get the most out of your time here! My training is in Classics, and I got my BA from Columbia and PhD from Princeton. Before coming to Harvard, I taught at Boston College and Amherst College. My research focuses on how Roman poets used and revised Rome’s foundation myths. More generally, I consider how we all reinvent and revise our memories of the past to fit our present and future. I teach Latin and Greek at all levels, and I also love teaching Classical civilization courses, including “Classical Mythology” and a course on lies and fiction called “Storytelling and Deceptive Narrators at Rome and Beyond”.

My partner, Melissa, is looking forward to seeing everyone and leading more "Get Pfit" workouts! Melissa is a biologist at Harvard Medical School, and she loves Crossfit, running, painting, and photography. Many of you already know our three-year old daughter, Lucie, and Lucie is excited to introduce everyone to her brand new baby sister, Vivian. 

Other than my family and Classics, my favorite things include plays, musical theater, cookies, and the tv-show Arrested Development. Fun fact: I used to tap-dance quite seriously when I was in high-school, and so I got cast in all of our musicals but was asked to lip-synch when I had to sing!

Please stop by my office by the mailroom to introduce yourself or join me in the dining hall! You can also email me anytime ( to set up a time to come by my office, or you can email my assistant Abby (

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