Boryana Hadzhiyska

Boryana Hadzhiyska

Non-Res Tutor
Boryana Hadzhiyska

Hey :]!

I am very enthusiastic about being a non-resident tutor at Pfoho this year and hope to interact with lots of people while I'm here!

I come from Bulgaria and am currently a rising third-year PhD student in Astrophysics. I did my undergrad at Princeton in Astrophysics (with a minor in Linguistics) and a degree in Applied Mathematics at Cambridge University, UK. In terms of academia-related issues, I would love to talk to and help other science majors with any questions they might have: applications for research programs, PhD and career advice, discussions about systemic bias, solving HW problems in physics, astronomy, math, computer science and linguistics (if I can, that is!).

Apart from academic subjects, I really love hearing about people's hobbies and listening to their life stories. I've dealt with depression and anxiety in the past and am very open to talk about personal stuff. I am also a member of the LGBT community and would gladly talk to anyone on that subject! It is very important, in my opinion, to provide constant support and to treat everyone with love and kindness.

In terms of hobbies, I like to bike almost every day for 1-2 hours, sing anywhere any time, read dystopian novels and Japanese manga, think about environmental issues such as food waste and reduction of the use of plastic, talk to people about emotions, and eat a lot of desserts!

Feel free to always drop me an email about anything!

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