Anne Harrington

Anne Harrington

Pfoho Pfaculty Dean
Franklin L Ford Professor of the History of Science
Director of Undergraduate Studies, History of Science
Anne Harrington

Hello Pfoho! I consider being Faculty Dean of a Harvard House to be one of the best jobs around, and I really look forward to a great year together.  I was a Harvard undergraduate myself (my House was Quincy), and I concentrated in History and Science in the same Department where I am now a professor. Before returning to Harvard to teach, I lived abroad for six years – in England and Germany, with extended time in France as well.  Today, our family goes back to Europe regularly, and you may see me at German and French language tables in the dining hall, trying not to forget how to communicate in those languages.

As a professor, I specialize in the history of psychology, psychiatry, brain science and medicine. I have written (and am writing) articles and books about these topics, which I am happy to tell you more about!   I was Chair of my Department for five years, and am currently Director of Undergraduate Studies in History and Science — ask  me about the concentration. I also teach a large Gen Ed course called “Madness and Medicine,” our Department sophomore tutorial, and a range of departmental courses with names like ”Broken Brains,” “Stories under the Skin,” and “In Search of Mind.”

I am also a mom to Jamie, who will speak for himself about his role in the House. I used to be a varsity light-weight rower and still can be persuaded to go out on the river.  I believe that ice cream should be its own food group, and have a secret weakness for amusement parks. I look forward to meeting you, hosting you, planning stimulating activities and adventures with you both in the city and in the New England countryside (a night at the opera? dogsledding?) supporting you during the good and the bad, and doing all I can, with John, to make Pfoho a true home for you!

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