Analli Torres

Analli Torres

Pfaculty Deans' Aide
Two woman smiling for the camera with waffles

Hi everyone! I am absolutely thrilled to be in Pfoho as an Elpf this year. I love baking and cooking (even if there is a touch/dash/ladleful of Murphy’s Law in everything I make). My pfavorite things to make are whatever makes my pfavorite people smile. 

I just graduated with a concentration in MCB and a secondary in Linguistics. I was lucky enough to be in Pfoho as an undergrad, where I made my closest pfriends and spent more than my share of time in the dhall psetting and eating 3-hour-long meals. I pflove Pfoho and I pflove Pfoho people. If you ever want to talk film, tv, British comedy, or wholesome reality tv, please don’t hesitate to say hello. You can always find me on Comstock 1 or my real home—the dhall!

(In the picture, I am the one on the right. I just can’t find it in my heart to separate myself from my ex-roommate Fatima, who is the other half of my Veritaffle.)