House-wide Pfood-y Events

Pfoho loves pfood and loves to socialize over good food! Every entryway or floor will be treated to regular study breaks, but we also do a large number of house-wide food events.

  • Don't miss our weekly Pfortunas, when we gather in the JCR on Thursday nights over music and a rotating menu of snacks to get ready for the weekend;
  •  stop by the lavish Open Houses in Anne and John's place, each organized (usually) around a different global cuisine or exciting theme (chocolate dishes from around the world, anyone?);
  • sign up for one of our Saturday afternoon Pfaculty Dean High Teas, where the Comstock Living Room is transformed into a cozy English tea House;
  • linger at one of our Hygge gatherings: low-key events where you can relax by a crackling open fire, study or chat, while enjoying bakery donuts and cinnamon-infused hot cider.
  • Or, if you want to roll up your sleeves yourself, sign up for Cooking with Pfriends, where you and others cook a three course meal  in Anne and John's large and well-equipped kitchen(we cover the costs), invite a few friends, and then gather with new and old friends around Anne and John's dining room table .
  • And don't forget our popular "lunch on the House" program in which you can invite a professor or (non-Pfoho) teaching fellow out for lunch at a favorite location, courtesy of Pfoho.