• To empower students to responsibly host impromptu / organic social gatherings
  • To encourage continued development of an inclusive, safe, and intentional social life in Pfoho's residential community by removing perceived barriers to ‘organic’ socialization.
  • To enhance students’ ability to react in real-time to on-campus social developments by providing alternative party spaces within the residence halls.
  • To reinforce house values and emphasize the role of safety, community and mutual respect in developing and sustaining on-campus social life.
  • To reframe party registration as a step in a joint project of building social life in the residence halls.
  • To deepen the discussion around alcohol and sexual assault on campus and ensure that student hosts feel empowered to make a positive impact through mindful planning and bystander intervention.

What is it?

  • This policy will be available to members of suites who have expressed or demonstrated interest.
  • To qualify, all members of the suite must participate in the DAPA and CARE Party Hosting Workshop on responsible party-hosting. This will be offered on September 7, 8, 14, and 15.
  • Once participants have completed the workshop, they must have one in-person conversation with a Senior Tutor, Pfoho Resident Dean or Academic Coordinator concerning safe, responsible, and fun party hosting in Pfoho.
  • Once participants have completed the workshop and the in-person party talk, they will be added to the FastPass registration list.
  • FastPass registration allows students to by-pass the regular party-registration process and Thursday deadline during weekends when parties are permitted; it allows for impromptu small private parties. FastPass registration is available for In-Suite parties only, not for parties in the Igloo or anywhere else.
  • Instead of registering in advance, students can fill out a quick online form and notify the Tutor-on-Call of a same day event up until midnight. Filling out the online form will generate an automatic text to the TOC phone.

What do I need to do?

  1. Sign up and attend a workshop session. All members of a suite must attend a workshop in order for a suite to qualify. They do not have to attend on the same day.
  2. Following the workshop, schedule a meeting with Monique Roy, Heather Jacques or a Senior Tutor (Erik Nook, Kate Leach, or David Mou) to discuss safe and responsible party hosting.
  3. For each party thereafter, FastPass register your party before it begins by filling out the quick google form you received after completing training.
  4. Confirm receipt with the TOC (the tutor will be in touch or you may call 617-651-1636 if time is short).

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